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Girl Talk 101: Topics to Tackle Today with your Squad

by Chantal McCulligh 07 Jun 2017

Girl talk is one of the most sacred things females do. It’s a time to support, guide and love one another through whatever problem, concern or situation someone is going through. However, what females often forget to chat about during girl talk are the issues that are the most important. These are the kind of topics that leave females feeling trapped, confused, and embarrassed, and such topics should not be ignored.

So whether you’re a sister, best friend, aunt or mother, here are some topics you should be tackling today with your girl squad.

Weird symptoms that can make anyone feel uncomfortable

One of the first things ladies do when they see something different happening down there is ignore it. A weird scent, discharge, itch or colour is often way too embarrassing to bring up. However, the reality is that these are normal things females experience. Oftentimes, a change in smell, vaginal discharge, itch and colour are completely harmless or at the very least, treatable.

So approach your girl squad with knowledge about the kinds of changes females experience throughout life, and what they can do about them. Talking is the first step and every lady deserves to feel comfortable bringing up topics that pertain to their lady parts.

Let’s talk about pregnancy

There’s never an age too young for more information on pregnancy. It’s important to teach the young ladies in your life the luxury and quality of growing up and living and learning prior to getting pregnant. However, pregnant women should also feel like they can talk about the hormonal changes they’re going through. Your best friend might not bring up the excessive odour or vaginal discharge that has taken over since she got pregnant, but she probably wants to.

So make sure the little ladies know to live their life before taking on the major responsibility of becoming a mother, and let your adult friends know that you’re there to let them discuss (and complain) about their pregnancy hormones.

Proper hygiene is rarely discussed

It’s shocking how many ladies have actually never talked about proper feminine hygiene. Every girl grows up knowing she has to wash but very rarely are girls taught how to do so properly. As females, washing with some generic soap that the entire family uses can be harmful to vaginal pH levels. This can result in bad odour, irritation, discomfort and symptoms that often go ignored because they’re embarrassing.

So approach girl talks with the topic of proper hygiene and the importance of quality feminine products. This can also be a great opener to discuss the weird symptoms that can happen down there.

Infections, illnesses, and diseases can’t be ignored

The one topic that should never be ignored during girl talk is the risk of infection, illness and/or disease. A female doesn’t have to be grown or sexually active to be susceptible to any of them.  In fact, something as simple as synthetic fabrics or tight clothing can increase their risk of yeast infections, fungal infections, and skin irritations.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, every lady deserves to have knowledge on the more serious issues such as HIV and sexually-transmitted illnesses. So don’t limit girl talk to cute boys. Talk about the serious stuff that can follow too.

Sexual education and physical education classes can only teach females so much. Prepare the young women in your life, squad or household by tackling these girl talk topics today. A smarter woman is a safer one. So don’t let a little discomfort of a topic get in the way of discussing things that matter.


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