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The Things You Never Knew your Vagina Will Do During Pregnancy

by Chantal McCulligh 08 May 2017

Seeing a smiley-face on that pregnancy test can be just as terrifying as it is exciting. You’re ecstatic when you discover there’s a little one growing inside of you, but once you realize that your body (and vagina) is about to change, pregnancy can become scary.  However, this is about to be one of the greatest moments of your life, and nothing should ever come in the way of that. So decrease the fear and uneasiness of pregnancy by learning all about the vagina changes you can expect from the new pregnancy hormones that are about to take over.


Your vagina can turn blue

If you look down there and see your vulva looking a little blue, there’s no need to panic. This is actually very common in pregnant women. It’s called the Chadwick’s sign and is caused by the increased blood flow in your nether regions. So don’t worry. Your vagina’s signature colour changing to a blue or purple tone is completely harmless. Instead, it may be celebratory as this may even be the first real sign that you are, in fact, pregnant. Congratulations!


You can even get varicose veins down there

Speaking of colour changes, the blue or purple tinge may appear in more ways than one. As a result of the increased blood flow to your lady parts combined with pregnancy hormones, varicose veins may start sprouting in the areas you never thought were possible.  This can be nothing more than unsightly, but they can also be painful.  Just take it easy with lots of warm baths and exercise, and avoid sitting for excessive amounts of time. 


Your period may stop but the discharge increases

Just when you think you get a 9-month break from your menstrual cycle, your vagina gives you a just-as-undesirable symptom of pregnancy. An increase in vaginal discharge is quite common, as your body takes in an abundance of pregnancy hormones that further activate your mucous membranes. Although a milky discharge is highly annoying, it’s quite harmless and can actually help maintain a healthy vaginal pH level and balance throughout your pregnancy. 


You have a higher risk of UTIs and yeast infections

Speaking of vaginal discharge, you’re about to appreciate it more than you ever thought was possible. When you’re pregnant, you’re at a higher risk of infections as the pregnancy hormones take your vaginal pH levels for a spin. As you likely already know, there’s nothing fun about a UTI or yeast infection. So be thankful for that overload of vaginal discharge, use feminine products that balance your vaginal pH levels and don’t forget your cranberry juice.


Your new hormones mess up your vaginal pH levels and present a new smell 

A change in your vaginal pH levels does more than just make you more susceptible to infections. As it becomes more acidic, your scent can become fishy. Such changes can be both unnoticeable or incredibly obvious. If you find these changes to be uncomfortable or embarrassing, just switch up your feminine hygiene products for versions designed to maintain healthy vaginal pH levels.

Pregnancy is one of the greatest things you’ll ever experience. You’re growing a little human inside of you and that is absolutely amazing. No vaginal pH level change, discomfort or discharge can change that. If you find yourself becoming insecure about the vaginal changes accommodating pregnancy, start using vaginal hygiene products instead of generic ones. These will help combat the pregnancy symptoms that have you feeling uneasy.

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