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8 Things You Need To Know About Vaginal Dryness

by Digital Team 11 Mar 2018

1. What is it? Vaginal dryness is not just having less than usual lubrication down there. A drop is estrogen levels in your body actually thins your vagina wall lining and makes it less elastic and more vulnerable to easy damage. Not only is it really uncomfortable, but it can quickly lead to itching, burning and of course, sex that hurts.

2. When might you experience vaginal dryness? It could happen at any time to any woman, but it is a common symptom of menopause. Some other causes include giving birth, breastfeeding, chemotherapy, endometriosis medications, anti-depressants, contraceptive pills, even during the start and end of your period. Vaginal dryness is actually really common amongst women, something like 1 in 3 women experience or have experienced it.

3. What can also possibly cause dryness? Apart from estrogen levels, you could also experience vaginal dryness if you are dehydrated or are experiencing great levels of stress. If you’re taking antihistamines for a flu, it might also dry you out completely, including your vagina.

4. What are some of the symptoms? Sometimes the symptoms are merely discomfort while sitting or running, but sometimes it itches and hurts too much you can’t take your mind off it. The skin might also be irritated. Sometimes women might have a funny watery, off-coloured, stinky discharge, and might think they’re having a yeast infection or a sexually transmitted disease. It’s best not to diagnose yourself and start on OTC remedies. It’s quite a different course of action to treat vaginal dryness.

5. What can you do about vaginal dryness? If it seems pretty serious and you’re in much pain, going to the doctor is your best option. Treatment options include estrogen treatments, hormone therapy, vagina inserts or specially formulated creams that help treat the skin irritation.

6. What brings relief for vaginal dryness? Lubricants and moisturizers help women struggling with vaginal dryness the most by far. Vagisil’s Daily Moisturising Fluid, for example, contains soothing aloe, chamomile and Vitamin E to help bring relief from vaginal dryness. It can also be used to restore moisture for intimate moments. And if used daily, prevents dryness in the long run.

7. Does washing cause further irritations? If you have sensitive skin, you can rest assured with Vagisil’s Sensitive Daily Intimate Wash is hypoallergenic and has a soap-free formula that soothes without any irritation!

8. Can vaginal dryness be prevented? Most certainly you can with the correct treatment. And once it has been treated, using a moisturizing product daily such as the Daily Moisturising Fluid can keep your vagina soothed and happy!

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