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5 Christmas Gifts To Self!

by Digital Team 06 Dec 2017

Christmas is fast approaching and the tree might already be up, or maybe the presents have already been bought and well hidden in the store room! That new cologne for your man, that new toy for your kid… But wait, what about you? And before you run out to the stores wielding this as an excuse to buy that expensive thing you’ve been lusting over – here are some gifts that don’t cost a bomb, but will indeed make you happy.

1. Beauty sleep

This is one thing we could all use! Unfortunately it’s also the one thing we hardly ever get to enjoy. It’s time to schedule in one day a week for catching up on rest. Hang up a calendar where everyone can see it, and write in big bold letters so everyone knows they can’t disturb you that morning, even if it’s for just two hours extra. If you have children, ask your husband if he could so kindly watch the kids for you, or get a babysitter to come in so you can return to bed. Those extra winks could be just what you need to feel reenergized to tackle the week ahead!

‘Gift to self’ idea: A beautifully designed calendar.

2. A healthy diet

Feeling like you can’t enjoy a lovely Christmas dinner complete with log cake because your weight has been on the increase? Before you turn to crash dieting, embrace healthy fruits and veggies that can keep you feeling full without chucking on the calories. Try a yummy strawberry, peach, yogurt and coconut water smoothie, or a super fit baby spinach, mango and banana smoothie! Not only are smoothies an amazing diet food, but they are also packed with nutritious goodness your body will love and thank you for!

‘Gift to self’ idea: An easy-to-use juicer that will keep you motivated.

3. More clothes

Your wardrobe is bursting at the doors, and yet the timeless dilemma every morning: “What to wear?” If you feel like your fashion mojo is in a rut, and you’re itching for a wardrobe overhaul – congratulations, you don’t actually have to BUY new clothes in order to wear wonderful new items that make you feel like a million bucks! Yes ladies, wardrobe sharing IS a thing! Just google clothes rentals or fashion sharing and you’ll find monthly subscriptions that allow you practically an unlimited wardrobe at low cost! You can also share clothes on a smaller scale simply by getting some of your girlfriends together and everyone bring some clothes and do a clothes swap for a week or so. No more feeling like you have nothing nice to wear!

‘Gift to self’ idea: A clothes rental subscription or a clothes-swap ladies night in.

4. More me-time

Ahhhhh something to remind us of who we are. A time to reminisce, reflect and feel revived! Whether it’s lazing in the bath, writing in a journal, or engaging in your favourite hobby, make time to do these things! Discovering a new hobby is also a fun thing you can explore, so gather a few friends and take up a new cooking course, or join a new exercise class. Keeping your mind happy has got to be one of the best gifts you can give oneself!

‘Gift to self’ idea: Sign up for something new, or treat yourself to something you love.

5. Confidence

This is what you step out with to conquer each day! Confidence may stem from different things for us – maybe it’s those pumps you wear that make you feel on top of the world, or starting the day with a fresh face or freshly manicured nails. But something which nobody can see can also do a whole lot in making you feel confident! Vagisil is here to boost your confidence! No itch, no odours, no funny feeling that makes you unsure of yourself. Stay on top of your vaginal health. Be healthy and be you!

‘Gift to self’ idea: Health, confidence and happiness.

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