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Vaginal Odour? Simple Tips to Keep Your Intimate Area Fresh

by Digital Team 04 May 2021

Be it after a workout or after having your period. These events can unbalance the pH in your intimate area and trigger some unwanted odour from your vaginal area. Along with cleansing your intimate area regularly, follow the tips below to help keep your intimate area fresh and free of vaginal odour!


  1. Keep your intimate area dry

    A good workout can leave your intimate area sweaty and moist, making it easy for bacteria to breed and cause your intimate area to smell. Take note to bring some extra clothing and switch out of your sweaty bottoms as quickly as you can after your workout to keep your intimate area as dry as possible. You can also keep your intimate area fresh by sprinkling some Vagisil Ultra Fresh Intimate Powder on your undergarments before your workout.


    1. Wear loose fitting bottoms

    Choose bottoms that are not tight-fitting and are soft on the skin. A good example would be to wear cotton undergarments instead of other materials such as polyester or satin. This way, your intimate skin can breathe easier, making it less prone to sweat.


    1. No douching

    Douching is the action where one flushes water up the vagina. Unknown to some, this can actually disrupt the pH in your vaginal area and even make your intimate area more prone to yeast infection and of course – bad odour. Instead, clean only the vulva area regularly during your daily showers.


    1. Avoid using soap for intimate washing

    Similar to douching, using soap to wash your intimate area can also disrupt the healthy pH there. A healthy vagina’s pH level is usually between 3.8 to 4.5 while the pH of soap can typically range from 7 – 10. The unbalance of pH in the intimate area may not only invite uncomfortable itchiness but also bacterial infection or vaginal odour. This is why it is important to use a intimate wash that is specially formulated for intimate washing - such as Vagisil Ultra Fresh Intimate Wash, which has 24-hour Odour Control Technology and helps mask odour with a fragrance.

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