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7 Things You Do Daily That Are Damaging to Your Vagina

by Chantal McCulligh 13 Jan 2017


It’s quite shocking to discover that the ordinary things you do can actually be quite damaging to your vagina. Just when you think you’re taking optimal care of your lady bits, washing daily and thoroughly, you find out that there’s much more you could be doing for your intimate health.

Since a healthy vagina is a happy vagina – and a happy lady, it’s time to start treating yourself better below the belt. Here are 7 things you may do daily that are damaging to your vagina.


Sitting in Wet Clothing or a Bathing Suit

Everyone loves sitting on the sandy shores or on the pool deck, basking in the sun in between frequent dips into the water. However, your desire for tan lines and a sun-kissed glow could cause what is often referred to as, “crotch rot”. Now, if that’s not a term to get you interested in your intimate health, we don’t know what is.

Sitting in a wet bathing suit or even wet, sweaty bottoms can cause bacteria to grow, which will result in a bad odour – or worse, infections. So keep your vagina nice and dry, and never sit in a bathing suit for too long. If need be, sprinkle on some women’s intimate powder to soak up extra moisture. 


Period Problems

Getting your period is rarely an exciting moment. The cramps, pain and discomfort are one thing, and then having to use sanitary napkins or tampons, only to change them several times a day is a drag. But regardless of how annoying a period can be, not changing your feminine products every 5-7 hours is not only unsanitary, but it’s quite dangerous as well. So, stay on top of this tip for a healthy vagina.


Forgetting about your Vaginal pH Level

A vaginal pH level? We know what you’re thinking, “what in the world is that?” More importantly, if this isn’t something you’re familiar with, you may be the culprit of neglecting your vagina.

A healthy, maintained pH level helps to keep your vagina free of bacteria and infections. Simple things such as a poor diet or harsh soaps can contribute to a low pH balance, and the damage to your vagina can be permanent. So, be proactive and use a pH balancing intimate wash and execute a healthy lifestyle. Read more about vaginal pH level here: do-you-really-know-what-is-vaginal-ph-value


Wearing Clothes that are Too Tight

If you got it, flaunt it, right? Well, this theory could be trapping in all kinds of moisture and bacteria, causing your vagina to be at a higher risk of infection. Stick with breathable fabrics (or at the least, breathable underwear) if tight clothes are prominent within your wardrobe.


Lack of Grooming Below the Belt

Grooming below the belt isn’t only a trend, but it’s also quite hygienic. While some say that pubic hair is there to protect your lady bits from potential harm, such as bacteria and infections, many argue the opposite. The secret is to trim your pubic hair until it’s short, and if you’re going to remove it completely, avoid using razors to do so.


No Post-Sex Cleansing

We get it. The last thing you want to do after getting intimate with your partner is taking a bath or shower. However, body fluids and particles from condoms and adult toys can cause infection. The good news is that you don’t have to spend more than a couple of seconds washing up. Just do a thorough wipe down with feminine wipes or intimate wash to keep things clean and fresh.


Using Generic Soaps

Every lady knows how sensitive their vagina is, but so many of us still opt to use regular, generic soaps when washing down below. This can cause irritation, infection and deter a healthy vagina pH level. So, always use an intimate wash to ensure your vagina is getting the TLC it deserves.

So, ladies, it’s time to change up the way you treat your vagina. Place importance on the quality of products you use on your lady bits, and always keep it clean and fresh with Vagisil.

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