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3 Reasons Why It's Super Important To Track Your Period

by Digital Team 01 Jun 2020

The simple habit of tracking your period can provide tons of benefits, and we’re not just talking about knowing exactly what day Aunt Flo will pay a visit. Although that piece of information alone is game-changing. The benefits of tracking your period go way beyond that. It’ll help you understand your body and its unique patterns which will then allow you to manage your whole life accordingly.

If you’re not already tracking your cycle, keep reading to learn some of the benefits of it (trust us, they’ll make you want to start tracking your period asap) and three easy ways you can get started.


Benefits of tracking your cycle

At the bare minimum, tracking your cycle will let you know exactly when you’ll get your next period so you’ll always have pads and tampons at the ready. But, that’s just scratching the surface of benefits. 


1. Understand your behaviours and emotions better

One moment you are laughing with your friends over a funny joke, the next moment you find yourself bursting into tears over an ad you saw on the Internet. Mood swings and periods tend to come together hand in hand for women and they can have a huge impact on you mentally and emotionally. By tracking your period and mood swings more closely, you are better able to understand why you are feeling a certain way.


2. Foresee underlying health conditions

If you do not track your period, it could be hard to tell if your period is running on a healthy, regular cycle. Irregular periods, overly-heavy blood flow, colour & consistency changes in your period blood can point to many warning signs like infections or problems with your reproductive organs or hormones. Missed periods may be a common signal for pregnancy but for those who are not sexually active, it could mean an overly stressful lifestyle or a hormonal imbalance.


3. Better control over your lifestyle

You probably wouldn’t like to go through a lovely family outing on the weekend while wringing in period cramp pains, would you? Track your period & plan your life better to avoid having important events and not schedule big things when you know you won’t be feeling your best. On a side note, having a period calendar also helps couples understand the fertile window to plan for babies better.


How should you track your period?

It’s super easy to get started on tracking your period with just pen and paper. There’s no need to get fancy. A notebook or a daily planner will do. We suggest setting a timer on your phone daily to remind you to take a few minutes to record any symptoms. Of course, you can also look for mobile apps to help you track your cycle. But at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to track your cycle. The ideal way to track your period is the way that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Some people may find it hard to track their periods since periods can be irregular with varying blood flow. It can also be difficult to accurately predict how much to stock up in terms of sanitary pads or tampons for the month. Rael’s line of self-care kits provides simple, straightforward packages to help you easily settle your period care products every month. Coming with period care product bundles ranging from the Daily Sanitary Kit to the 3-month supply of organic cotton pads, you can rest assure that there will be a package to fit your period needs. Upgrade your period care now.




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