Heavy-Flow Period Care Kit

Heavy-Flow Period Care Kit

$48.50 $34.00

    Integrate our Heavy-Flow Kit into your period regime for a cleaner, drier and more comfortable time of the month.

    Kit includes:
    - Vagisil® pH Balance Feminine Wash 240ml
    - Rael Large Organic Cotton Cover Pads 12s
    - Rael Overnight Organic Cotton Cover Pads 10s
    - Rael Long Organic Cotton Cover Liners 18s
    - Rael Natural Feminine Wipes 10s

    How To Use
    During menstruation, the pH level at your intimate area can be disrupted. Hence, we recommend Vagisil® pH Balance Feminine Wash to keep the pH level in check and balanced.

    Use Rael Large Pads and Overnight Pads interchangeably on days and nights with heavy flow.

    Use Rael Long Liners when spotting occurs and use Rael Natural Feminine Wipes whenever you wish to freshen up your lady bits.

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